Gina made this reply to another FB person who mentioned my books.
Gina Buchanan I love the first book I am on and almost done (I have the first 3), as it has been a busy summer. I am so intrigued. I have so much more insight now, to how my grandparents lived. I am the youngest grandchild of my immigrant grandfather Franjo. I did not know much about him, I have more of an insight as to how he lived.
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Sunday August 20th  ·  

What a time I had for three months in the village in 1956. ... See MoreSee Less

While looking for something else, I came across this photo of my cousins in Sibich, Jugoslavia 1956. In Destiny's Dowry I mention that a woman is pulling the plow for her husband. I saw my cousin, Katica, on the left do that. I also mention washing clothes in the river, did that with cousin, Matica, on the right.

Thursday August 17th  ·  

Around May, which was my graduation, Rosemary sent me her fifth book for a present because she couldn't make it to my graduation party. I read it immediately and it was one of my favorites out of the series. I can't wait till the sixth one comes out because she has me absolutely hooked on these. ... See MoreSee Less

Tuesday August 1st  ·  

At our 10th Drive-way sale, along with other art/antique collectors, we will have our annual sale on Aug. 4th, Thursday. Details as to address, etc to follow. In addition to a table with my books, signed if requested, will be this lovely trinket box among other interesting treasures. ... See MoreSee Less

Tuesday August 1st  ·  

I have gone over my calendar for the appearances coming up to the end of this year, 2017. I am giving some serious thought to slowing down on US appearances next year and heading up to Canada. Been invited more than once. Have to work out the details along with the duty fees of transporting my books to Canada. ... See MoreSee Less

Friday July 28th  ·  

I just finished book 5 and I am waiting for books 6 to get finished. So hurry up ... See MoreSee Less

Friday July 28th  ·  

Here they are in the order written. August is a stay in Indiana month, then on to Milwaukee in Sept, Seattle in Oct, and Miami in November. Book launch for Danica's Destiny is in Crown Point, IN in December. ... See MoreSee Less

Wednesday July 26th  ·  

In my books, I model my characters after people I know very well, which is why the dialog and reactions in the story are so real. SO...STEVO is really my husband Bob. If you look at the pic of Stevo on the cover of Destiny's Dance...that is Bob when we were younger. ... See MoreSee Less

Monday July 24th  ·  

I just finished book number four and I've started on book number five and as expected I am joyed it immensely ... See MoreSee Less

Monday July 24th  ·  

I don't know why I bother looking at my sales ranking on Amazon. I received a notice that for $209. with an out of country person, my ranking can go up by 1000 hits. For $60 I can get 100 hits. I give up! I just have to keep on traveling and selling my books myself. Is nothing honest? ... See MoreSee Less

Tuesday July 18th  · has happened again! The characters in my books take over. This time, and I can't believe it myself, the Gypsies from Destiny's Dowry and Destiny Denied are back in my final Destiny book!. ... See MoreSee Less

Monday July 17th  · has happened again. I deleted all I have written for Danica's Destiny. I have mentioned before that my characters have a mind of their own. When I have to THINK about what I write, then I know it is wrong. When it pours out of me and just flows, then I know it is right. When I cry while I type, then I know it is perfect! ... See MoreSee Less

Tuesday July 11th  ·  

Often, when I do book signings, people ask me about publicity, promoting, etc. First,would-be self-publishers need to know that there are at least 6000 books published daily. Can your story compete with the millions of books out there?
Can you do research to find a good, reputable publishing company? Can you actively promote your books? Do you think a listing on Amazon is all that you need? Can you talk about your book? Will you travel near and far to promote your book? Will you enter literary contests? Will you do giveaways of your book for publicity? Will you have more than one publicity page on the internet about your book? Can you afford the time and money it takes to do all the above?And lastly...can you write a book that will hold a reader's interest so they want more?
Share this with someone you know who wants to self-publish their book.
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Monday July 10th  ·  

They are dancing in the aisles at Rosemary's book signing to the music of Dennis Barunica. ... See MoreSee Less

Saturday July 8th  ·  

Here I am with Norwegian artist Lynn Maxon of Des Plaines, IL. She had her art work displayed a couple of tables away from mine in the lower lever of the Crown Point, Court House on the Square. ... See MoreSee Less

Sunday July 9th  ·  

Being a writer, I have always been a people watcher and studied their reactions to events. I still smile when I think of the two women who stopped at my book signing table at the Crown Point, Court House. ( I was sponsored by all the shops there).
One woman asked me which one of the books of the five displayed on the table I had written...the LOOK on their faces was priceless when I said that I had written all five and am working on the 6th!
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Sunday July 9th  ·  

LOOK what I found on the internet. My photo...with another woman's face on the cover of a European Magazine! I suppose I should be flattered. Frankly...I can't stop laughing.
The magazine has printed: "Quality has chosen a great cover girl." I am still laughing.
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Thursday July 6th  ·  

Edda wants to see which pic my readers like the best. I like the top one. We will use one of these for the book I am writing now, Danica's Destiny. ... See MoreSee Less

As promised here are 3 different poses from Rosemary Gard's session.we are taking a survey,please vote your choise.the winning pose will be used on her incoming book! Thank you tttto all her Fans!!!

Monday July 3rd  ·  

Son Michael at the table with me. Behind us are the not only beautiful Mandich girls, but the talented Mandich girls! They are known as Tri Ruze, meaning Three Roses. ... See MoreSee Less

Tuesday July 4th  ·  

Getting ready to leave on Friday, June 30 for the Croatian Fraternal Union Tamburitza Festival in Cleveland. ... See MoreSee Less

Thursday June 29th  ·  

Hannah Rose Luketic posted in Author Rosemary Gard - Croatian Historical Fiction — with Rosemary Gard. ... See MoreSee Less

Saturday July 1st  ·  

This lovely man, Ivan Begg, editor of the Croatian newspaper, Zajednicar...or as many of us call it...The Z, came to our table and introduced himself. I had to hug him and thanked him profusely for all the mentions in The Z about my books. Again another big THANK YOU to Ivan Begg. ... See MoreSee Less

Monday July 3rd  ·  

Saying good-by to Joshko Paro, Croatian Ambassador, with a hug and the words, "Safe travel." He is being assigned to another post and leaving the U.S. very soon. ... See MoreSee Less

Monday July 3rd  ·