Danica's Destiny is no where finished, but as always, I have the last page written and now I work towards that conclusion. Also...for the first time, I have the book cover in my mind. ... See MoreSee Less

Wednesday June 14th  ·  

Rosemary Gard shared Edda Taylor Photographie's photo to the group: Author Rosemary Gard - Croatian Historical Fiction. ... See MoreSee Less

Monday June 19th  ·  

My favorite author 😉 just sent me the new book and a beautiful necklace for my graduation. I absolutely love it and her! ... See MoreSee Less

Wednesday June 14th  ·  

This is what I hope my books are doing! ... See MoreSee Less

Friday June 9th  ·  

In my book Destiny Delivered, Tomo, Tom married a girl so that his brother could marry the younger sister. This is what happened to my father...told you my stories are based on fact. In the picture below, my father had to find a husband for my aunt Julie, third from left, before my grandfather allowed Pa to marry my mother who is 4th from left. ... See MoreSee Less

Monday June 12th  ·  

My books are about the history of my Croatian family and friends, of course, fictionalized. Today I got in the mail, letters I had written during my stay in the village of Sibich, Jugoslavia in 1956. All those letters had disappeared but for some reason my nephew had several which I had written to my mother. Talk about a trip down memory lane! ... See MoreSee Less

Saturday June 10th  ·  

A nice day today at Putnam County Public Library in Greencastle, Indiana. ... See MoreSee Less

Monday June 5th  ·  

Almost all packed for trip to the Putnam Library in Greencastle, IN., tomorrow. The wicker trunk is the one my mother used when she came to America in 1906. ... See MoreSee Less

Sunday June 4th  ·  

Only two authors of the 25 who were at the Hammond Library Author Fair last month were featured in today's Chicago Tribune, I was one of them.
More than two dozen authors set up colorful displays in the Community Room to showcase their books to the public.

Rosemary Gard of Crown Point has written five books. Each is a stand-alone story, and the author described them as "fictionalized facts."

Each book has the name "Destiny" in the title for a specific reason.

"I've been writing since I was 12 years old. My mom wanted me to sew, but my dad bought me a typewriter," Gard said. "So, I felt destined to write these books."
... See MoreSee Less

Friday June 2nd  ·  

Look at this lovely compliment!

Barbara Stimac Cecchin ~ Rosemary Gard: My cousins and I benefited from reading your books before our recent and first trip to Croatia to visit the village of our grandparents. Thank you!
... See MoreSee Less

Tuesday May 23rd  ·  

Here I am with Don McClure another author at the Hammond IN, Author Fair. His display was across from mine. He has written 12 books, is a public speaker on writing and really knows how to promote his books. I learned a lot from him about promoting.Speaking of promoting ~~his shirt reads: Don McClure the hardest working author you should know. ... See MoreSee Less

Monday May 22nd  ·  

This is who I picture as the artist friend of Stephano's.
(he is a tour guide for a ghost walk in NOLA) sorry for the poor quality of picture
... See MoreSee Less

Wednesday May 24th  ·  

It was an interesting afternoon meeting people at the Hammond, IN Author Fair. SO MANY people came up to me and thanked me for writing about Croatians in America. I was told multiple times that there were Croatians in their family history but they didn't know anything about the Croatian people. When I told them that the books were fiction, but based on facts about my family and Croatians that I knew, they were awed, wishing they knew more about their own ethnic background. ... See MoreSee Less

Sunday May 21st  ·  

Met some lovely people and sold books! A very nice afternoon at the Hammond Public Library Author Fair in Indiana. ... See MoreSee Less

2017 Local Author Fair: Rosemary Gard

Saturday May 20th  ·  

Self-published authors, of which I am one, really need to do a lot of promoting. I am in touch with other authors and read the advice they offer. One such piece of advice is to wear any awards one has received. I can't bring myself to do this. I would feel as if I were showing will have my gold medal award displayed on the table at the Hammond Library as you see it in the photo. ... See MoreSee Less

Friday May 19th  ·  

An unexpected invitation to appear at the Hammond Library this Sat. May 20, noon to 3 p.m. I will be part of the Local Author Fair. Looking forward to meeting new people and hopefully meeting some old friends. ... See MoreSee Less

Tuesday May 16th  ·  

Here is the press release for June 5th appearance at the Putnam Co. Public Library. If you are near or have a friend that is near, give them a heads up. Am bringing some of my original Croatian Dowry to show. I would appreciate a share. ... See MoreSee Less

Monday May 15th  ·  

My press first press releases, in the mail for my appearance at the PUTNAM CO. LIBRARY in Greencastle, IN on June 5. Taking my books and a lot of my dowry pieces to show and describe. ... See MoreSee Less

Friday May 12th  ·  

This is so very nice. A photo on FB pops up with young girl holding my books! Thank you Angie Mccarver Hamilton for giving her the books and for posting her picture! ... See MoreSee Less

Monday May 8th  ·  

Was it common for a babies ears to be pierced in Croatia 100 years ago? ... See MoreSee Less

Sunday April 30th  ·  

Michael Gard updated the group photo in Author Rosemary Gard - Croatian Historical Fiction. ... See MoreSee Less

Thursday December 1st  ·  

I was with Edda Taylor at her First Friday art showing in Michigan City, IN. She asked me if I am working on the next book because Gabriella Bianco wants to take the new book to read on her annual after Christmas vacation. Working on it! ... See MoreSee Less

Sunday May 7th  ·  

Read in today's newspaper that Amazon has opened some brick & mortar book stores. It has been decided that people like to handle books and talk with others who like books. I believe there are 2 such Amazon stores in Seattle. The books are displayed so that one can see the front and not just the spines. ... See MoreSee Less

Sunday April 30th  ·