Here is a first for me! I am offering to send a signed, gift wrapped book (Using 50's silver foil wrap) to any address requested. With the holidays coming, I thought my books might make good gifts, which I was told when people in Seattle bought my books. Send a check or money order for $28.50 to Rosemary Gard, 128 S. East St. #830, Crown Point, IN 46307-3468. This fee applies only to the continental U.S. ... See MoreSee Less

Wednesday October 18th  ·  

Some may think I over-dress. Well, that is how we old babes were taught to dress in the 50s. I appreciate the extra attention and compliments I get. NOW...I told you about the man at the Hilton restaurant in Cleveland, who kicked off his flip-flop and wiped his toes with his napkin. Well, what is it with feet? At the Seattle airport waiting to board the plane for Chicago, a young, pretty girl sitting across from me, kicked off her flip flop and spent the next five minutes picking at her toes! ... See MoreSee Less

Wednesday October 18th  ·  

Just got back from my first trip to Croatia. What a beautiful country!!!!!!!!!! ... See MoreSee Less

Wednesday October 18th  ·  

When Michael and I were in Seattle, we were approached by someone in the book promotion business ( I surmised ). He suggested I have my books translated into the Croatian language in Zagreb. This is beyond my financial ability, but I did appreciate his advice. ... See MoreSee Less

Saturday October 14th  ·  

Danica's Destiny is finished. Rough ate several chapters and I had to start over. Read the book to husband Bob. He never once interrupted to ask a question or offer a correction. When I finished he said, "Congratulations. This is good." ... See MoreSee Less

Friday October 13th  ·  

Selling my books at CroatiaFest, Seattle, WA. What a special event and what a great time we had. As always, son Michael takes care of everything for me. ... See MoreSee Less

Thursday October 5th  ·  

How nice that again this year, I was interviewed. What a nice audience.
This is Don Wick interviewing me ~ another new friend.
... See MoreSee Less

Thursday October 5th  ·  

Rosemary and I were photographed at the recent CFU Tamburitza festival in Cleveland and this image was recently published in the Zajedničar newspaper. ... See MoreSee Less

Wednesday September 27th  ·  

In picture one I am posing wearing my Dowry from Croatia in 1956. In picture 2, daughter Kristina,wearing it for the Cover in 2008 of my first Book, entitled Destiny's Dowry, because the garment was part of my Dowry. ... See MoreSee Less

Monday September 25th  ·  

Who reads the hotel book that is in every room in every hotel? I don't! Son, Michael does!! He knows where all the exits are, where all the conference rooms are located and last, but least, where Ice can be found. He spent so much time away from our table, taking people to distant parts of the hotel for the several classes at the TAA conference in Milwaukee, people thought he was part of the Hotel or the TAA group. ... See MoreSee Less

Tuesday September 19th  ·  

These musicians were wonderful and when they performed and sang, Oj Marichka Pegla old song my parents sang...I sang my heart out right along with them. The musician in blue, kept looking over at me. When I told husband, Bob, this story, he said: "He kept looking at you because you were probably throwing him off key." ... See MoreSee Less

Monday September 11th  ·  

People...I AM working on the last Destiny book!



Rosemary Gard

Danica was born in the US of Croatian parents.
Destiny had plans for her to be an American Woman.

There are so many people to whom I could dedicate this book.
Especially.... Sharon Turner. She is always supporting me.
Also...I am dedicating this book to my readers. The readers who have encouraged me to keep the Destiny Story going, who write to me and come to meet me at my appearances.

... See MoreSee Less

Sunday August 20th  ·  

I had a silly thought this morning. In 1972 a movie was made based on the book, Travels With My Aunt. Those of you who follow this page, know that mostly, son Michael, and often daughter Kris, travel with me on my book appearances. I wonder...when I am gone...will it occur to Mike to write a book entitled: Travels With My Mother? Michael Gard Kristina Gard Browne ... See MoreSee Less

Monday September 4th  ·  

This coming Friday, son Mike and I will be heading early to Milwaukee for the Tamburitza Adult event. TAA. I will give a talk about my stories at 3 o'clock. Hope to see some of my friends there. We will be staying at the Hilton. ... See MoreSee Less

Saturday September 2nd  ·  

I love your postings and such an honer to know you. ... See MoreSee Less

Wednesday August 30th  ·  

I got a note from a loyal reader asking me which of the, so far, five books is my favorite. I don't have a favorite. I like each one because of something special from my own life's story.
In Danica's Destiny, as I came to the end of a chapter, which I read to husband Bob for his reactions, I was crying. I looked over and he was wiping his eyes. I guess I did good!
... See MoreSee Less

Tuesday August 29th  ·  

Son Michael has already made plane and hotel reservations for our trip to Seattle's CroatiaFest Oct. 1. This is such a SPECIAL event and we are so looking forward to it. Cathryn Morovich along with son, John Morovich with lovely Joanne Abdo go out of their way to make set up in the Armory at the Seattle Center as easy as possible. We will miss our very busy Kristina Gard Browne, who last year wore the Croatian dress she is shown wearing on the cover of Destiny's Dowry. She had her picture taken more times than I did! ... See MoreSee Less

Wednesday August 23rd  ·  

In my first book, Destiny's Dowry, Ernesta (my least favorite character) is disappointed because storks never have made a nest on the home's chimney. Nesting storks on one's chimney is a sign of good luck. Below is a photo Stjepan Posavec from Croatia has given me permission to use. ... See MoreSee Less

Tuesday August 22nd  ·  

Son, Michael, has been talking about updating this page. Notice the arrows at the top right.
Homell -
... See MoreSee Less

Sunday August 20th  ·  

Gina made this reply to another FB person who mentioned my books.
Gina Buchanan: I love the first book I am on and almost done (I have the first 3), as it has been a busy summer. I am so intrigued. I have so much more insight now, to how my grandparents lived. I am the youngest grandchild of my immigrant grandfather Franjo. I did not know much about him, I have more of an insight as to how he lived.
... See MoreSee Less

Sunday August 20th  ·  

What a time I had for three months in the village in 1956. ... See MoreSee Less

While looking for something else, I came across this photo of my cousins in Sibich, Jugoslavia 1956. In Destiny's Dowry I mention that a woman is pulling the plow for her husband. I saw my cousin, Katica, on the left do that. I also mention washing clothes in the river, did that with cousin, Matica, on the right.

Thursday August 17th  ·  

Around May, which was my graduation, Rosemary sent me her fifth book for a present because she couldn't make it to my graduation party. I read it immediately and it was one of my favorites out of the series. I can't wait till the sixth one comes out because she has me absolutely hooked on these. ... See MoreSee Less

Tuesday August 1st  ·  

I have gone over my calendar for the appearances coming up to the end of this year, 2017. I am giving some serious thought to slowing down on US appearances next year and heading up to Canada. Been invited more than once. Have to work out the details along with the duty fees of transporting my books to Canada. ... See MoreSee Less

Friday July 28th  ·  

I just finished book 5 and I am waiting for books 6 to get finished. So hurry up ... See MoreSee Less

Friday July 28th  ·  

Here they are in the order written. August is a stay in Indiana month, then on to Milwaukee in Sept, Seattle in Oct, and Miami in November. Book launch for Danica's Destiny is in Crown Point, IN in December. ... See MoreSee Less

Wednesday July 26th  ·